regenerate [ri jen′ə rit; ] for v. [, ri jen′ərāt΄]
[LME regenerat < L regeneratus, pp. of regenerare, to reproduce, in LL(Ec), to regenerate: see RE- & GENERATE]
1. spiritually reborn
2. renewed or restored, esp. after a decline to a low or abject condition
regenerated, regenerating
1. to cause to be spiritually reborn
2. to cause to be completely reformed or improved
3. to form or bring into existence again; reestablish on a new basis
4. Biol. to grow anew (a part to replace one hurt or lost)
5. Chem. to produce (a compound, product, etc.) again chemically, as from a derivative or by modification to a physically changed, but not chemically changed, form
6. Electronics
a) to cause oscillation or to increase the amplification of (a signal) by feeding energy back from an amplifier output to its input
b) to receive (imperfectly formed electrical signals) for retransmission in substantially perfect form
7. Mech. to use (heat, energy, pressure, etc. which would otherwise be wasted) by employing special arrangements or devices
8. Physics to restore (a battery, catalyst, etc.) to its original state or properties
1. to form again, or be made anew
2. to be regenerated, or spiritually reborn
3. to have a regenerative effect
regeneracy [ri jen′ərə sē]

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